20 June, 2021

The Suicide Station

Flawed marital priorities fuel a thickening tragedy among young brides in Southall

The Suicide Station
Circle Of Death
  • Suicide among South Asian women in Britain is three times that of the national average
  • Of 240 suicides on rail tracks in Britain last year, 80 were Southall women, mostly Sikhs
  • The victims typically come from Punjab, are educated, and married off to men who lack similar educational or professional backgrounds
  • Brides are trapped into domestic slavery, suffer abuse and have no one to help them


The cold figures tell a chilling story. Take the many thousands of miles of rail track in Britain on the one hand, a couple of miles of of rail track through the west London suburb of Southall on the other. Consider that of the 240 suicides on rail tracks last year, 80 were on just this track around Southall, and most of them were Sikh women. That in a population close to 60 million, the Sikh population is about half a million, and that of adult Sikh women a fraction of that. That's an...

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