19 June, 2021

The Subtle Rules Of Go-Karting

Here’s Karti: cocksure political scion, dabbler in sport, businessman, heavyweight manque

Narendra Bisht
The Subtle Rules Of Go-Karting

Five About Karti

  • Only child, named after PC's friend Karti Sandilya, former India representative to ADB
  • Nalini Chidambaram read out from English newspapers to young Karti to explain politics to him
  • Won his first tennis tournament at Savannah, Georgia, US, in 1986 when he was 15 years old
  • Has inherited a large coffee and pepper estate in Ammathi, Coorg, from his grandfather.
  • Married to dancer-doctor Srinidhi, one daughter (Aditi, 11); travels a lot, is partial to Schezwan food


Faceoff over ‘phoney’ deal; PC ‘in house’ defence of son faces BJP fire; His Father’s (Troubled) Son.... When Outlook approached Karti P. Chidambaram for his version of the events that have catapulted him to newspaper headlines, some cutting ones at that, he volleyed back an sms: “Version of what?” This, as his father, Union home minister P. Chidambaram, was using dime...

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