25 February, 2021

The Subliminal War

A subtle analysis of militancy and media's unconscious motives KASHMIR DIARY

The Subliminal War
INDIA'S military establishment has traditionally prided itself on its apolitical stand—which has led observers to label them the guardian angels of India's democracy. In reality, it was at Nehru's insistence that the Indian armed forces were kept outside the policy process. But in the last two decades, as India's military men have repeatedly been called out to counter internal threats to India's integrity, thinking soldiers have been prompted to begin understanding the various dimensions of the politico-military conflicts that threaten the very integrity of India. And this thought-provoking book by Arjun Ray—a serving Indian army general—is a case in point.

But unlike historical accounts that soldiers often write, here is a man who speaks in the manner of an officer who was neither in conflict with his job, nor with his understanding of the situation of Kashmir. Ray feels that as the information agencies in Kashmir have been marginalised, it is left to the security forces to fight the information war. But he is also aware that "what is being done in the name of...

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