16 June, 2021

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From report cards from government for Karnataka school teachers' performance to Pakistan government's decision to convert Kapoor haveli into a museum, read this and much more in The Subcontinental Menu this week.

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The Subcontinental Menu

Graded Gurus

“Below average, sir,” quoth the dread verdict that teachers across Karnataka await with bated breath. Schoolteachers will from now on receive their own report cards from the government, based on how well their students scored in board exams. Scores will range from zero (the lowest) to 10 (the highest), further grouped into four bands: below average, average, good and very good. Reports based on the SSLC results that came out in May have already been prepared, and will soon be sent to 60,000 teachers in government and aided schools in the state. Officials intend this to be a feedback mechanism, and the reports will come with suggestions on how teachers can improve. Teachers themselves may not take such a rosy view; one told a newspaper that it was unfair to rate a teacher on the performance of students.

Spook Squats

When out of work, work out. CBI officers,...

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