30 November, 2020

The Subcontinental Menu

In this week's The Subcontinental Menu, read about a Colombo physician who was beaten up by his wife with a broomstick and a Justice in Bangladesh who is on the run from law, among many others.

Illustration by Sajith Kumar
The Subcontinental Menu

Porno Embargo

The Nepalese government has courageously waded into the recesses of the vulgarian’s internet, ordering service providers to block more than 24,000 pornographic websites. In a statement, it said, “Easy access to porn and vulgar content has affected our social values and social harmony, and it has encouraged sexual violence.” This crackdown comes as a response to protests and public anger following the rape and murder of a 13-year-old girl in July, with the state being accused of neglect in pursuing rape cases. Activists derided the move as ‘ridiculous’ and failing to address the real problems facing victims who seek justice, while one service provider’s CEO told reporters, “There are many back-end ways to reach these sites. It’s not a very effective way of doing things.” One would have thought the back-end ways would have come under the ban.




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