14 May, 2021

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A famous temple in Guwahati has a 'bleeding goddess' as the deity; whosoever weds 25-year-old Geeta must swear to aid her in her quest to find her parents; read all the juicy gossips here...

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Thriller Cop

It’s time to stop the traffic—and Ranjeet Singh proceeds to take a drastic step. And another. And one more. All backwards. That’s right, this is the Indore traffic policeman who’s achieved celebr­ity status with his Michael Jackson-inspired moonwalking. The sunglass-wearing cop decided, after the death of a friend in an accident years ago, that he had to do something special to make drivers sit up and pay attention— and he’s succeeded beyond his wildest dreams thanks to social media, with many thousands of Instagram followers. But this fame seems to have become a burden for him. “At times when I am extremely tired while doing my duty in scorching heat, some vehicle drivers ask me to show the moonwalking moves…I also experience the unn­ecessary burden of expectations of the people due to social media,” he was quoted as saying.


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