25 February, 2021

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A list of names has appeared on the walls of a Odisha temple debarring them from offering prayers in Kalik village in Jaleswar block of Balasore.

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Barred By God’s Bouncers

Is your name on the list? If so, God doesn’t want to see you, sorry. A blacklist of names has appeared on the walls of a temple in Kalik village in Jaleswar block, Balasore, Odisha. The people included are members of five families, who reportedly refused to pay up when the village committee solicited donations for the ‘Patta Parba’ festival. The committee was demanding a “high amount” which the families decl­ined to give—and were then denied entry to the temple for their transgression.  In a complaint with the police, the families alleged that their ‘puja thalis’ were thrown out when they tried to worship, with one complainant saying that his brother and sister-in-law had been “manhandled and assaulted” when they went to the temple. The police have reportedly registered a case against two youths.


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