21 June, 2021

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A school that looks like a Railway Station; a 73 year old who studies in class 5. Read all the juicy gossip here...

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First-Class Ride

School is, almost literally, the train to success in Rajasthan. The Government Senior Secondary School, Railway Station, in Alwar, has a very fitting name. A recent makeover has resulted in classrooms painted to look like passenger compartments, an ‘engine’ to house the principal and a ‘platform’ for a veranda.  The cool kids like to hang out of the classrooms, waiting for latecomers to board before the train departs.  Incidentally, although the school gets its name from its original location near the station (it shifted to a new site a few years ago), the inspiration for the theme came from an engineer of Alwar district’s Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan, who saw a school in Kerala painted to look like a railway coach a couple of months ago. Clearly, the work proceeded very quickly after that—full steam ahead, you might say!

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