03 August, 2021

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No conjugal visits for Andhra Pradesh prisoners; an elephant that blows out smoke! Read all the juicy gossip here...

Illustration by Sajith Kumar
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Conjugal Wrongs

Andhra Pradesh’s prisons have no plans to encourage sex, either natural or unnatural. Conjugal visit is a concept that has been adopted by various countries and recently by some Indian states, including Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu, following a parliamentary resolution that deemed them to be a prisoner’s right, not a privilege. It allows a convict to spend some time with their legal spouse in order to have sexual relations—judges have obs­erved that it reduces recidivism and encourages good behaviour.  But AP Prisons IG G. Jayavardhan said that the state had no plans to allow such visits at the moment. When asked about “unnatural sex” in jails, he replied that AP jails were not overcrowded like those in other states, and thus that they only saw “very few unnatural sex incidents”.  ‘Nature’ prevails once again!

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