13 May, 2021

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Why did Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis Spread His Arms Like Shahrukh Khan? If not Salman, who is the real 'Dabangg'? Read all the juicy gossip...

Illustration by Sajith Kumar
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Backdoor Hindi In IIM Kozhikode

Hindi bears the burden of being chosen by linguistic propagandists and politicians as the official language of a country in which around 1,652 tongues (as of the last census) are spoken. The promoters of this nationalisation of language have an absurdly uph­ill task before them. But when they tried pushing in the Hindi manifesto through a backdoor tactic at IIM Kozhikode, Malayali students were far from amused. Authorities had asked students to submit their names in Hindi to receive their postgraduate degrees in the same language—a compulsory requirement. “This (providing names in Hindi) is mandatory for printing the same in PGDM certificates for convocation 2018,” read the official mail to students, who protested by calling this a forceful imposition of Hindi. “If they want to give us a certificate in any other language apart from English, it should be in our mother tongue,” a student said.

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