08 March, 2021

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A VIP victim of this year's Jallikattu; Rs 50,000 glass for Kerala Assembly speaker. Read all the juicy gossip from the neighbourhood...

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Parental Studies

There’s a new trend in Bangalore: learning Kannada. Non-­Kannadiga parents have taken the initiative to learn the language after the gover­nment made it compuls­ory in schools. Having to help their children do their homework, they have set up WhatsApp groups, signed up for online lessons, hired private tutors and even sought their household staff’s help. A Class-I student’s Bengali mother was quoted as saying, “I am taking my maid’s help as she studied in a Kannada-medium school till Class-IX, besides relying on audio content prepared by the school.” Schools too are providing homework sheets with Kannada transliterated into the Roman and Devanagari scripts.


Komban, Tamil Nadu’s ‘VIP bull’, was killed at a Jallikkattu arena in Pudukkottai district. As he was being forced out of the narrow passage that...

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