03 August, 2021

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Where are the demonetised notes going? Why are Assamese setting London Bridge, Eiffel Tower on fire? Read all the juicy gossip...

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The Afterlife Of Our ­Demonetised Notes

Each day at Puzhal Central Prison in Tamil Nadu, a team of 25-30 trained convicts serving life sentences works on turning shredded demonetised notes into file-pads—hard pads used in government offices to mark files as ‘urgent’ or ‘ordinary’. The pads, which are also made from material procured from Khadi, are produced in six ­other jails in the state—but only Puzhal uses shredded currency, supplied by the RBI. The notes are made into pulp and solidified being poured into a die-mould, and this solid material is shaped into hard pads. This is currently done by hand, although the idea of acquiring machinery to make it semi-automated and improve productivity is being considered. The convicts can work for 25 days a month, earning between Rs 160 and Rs 200 a day for eight hours’ work, depending on their skills.


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