13 April, 2021

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Animals in Chhattisgarh have a reason to be ecstatic; why does an entire town in Telangana stands for national anthem everyday? Read all the juicy tidbits...

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Colombo Or Delhi,  Garbage Disposal Is A Ticking Crisis

Sri Lanka may have done well to ban plastic bags and some other disposable products last week after the collapse of the country’s biggest garbage dump in Colombo, but it may be a case of too little too late. A part of the dump collapsed in April, crushing homes and killing 32 people. For cities in developing countries, the garbage disposal problem may have reached calamitous levels. In New Delhi, two people died when the city’s biggest landfill in Ghazipur area collapsed due to over-dumping. Currently, the city is struggling with finding new areas to dump its daily garbage—a whopping 10,000 tonnes. Reports suggest that garbage disposal has always been an issue in both Delhi and Colombo, as in other cities around the world, as in the crisis that engulfed Naples last year. 

Cops Freeze Telangana Town For National...

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