07 May, 2021

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Veiled News Unveils Sexism In Haryana

Sometimes it’s the smallest of things that reflects the bigger picture. Take the case of a photo caption in Krishi Samvad, a monthly magazine published by the government of Haryana. “Ghoongat ki ann-baan, mahre Haryana ki pehchan” (Honour of the veil, the identity of Haryana), read the caption below the picture of veiled women carrying cattle feed on their head. Perhaps, the magazine editor thought he could get away with standard, old-school misogyny in a mere caption of a state supplement. But a journalist from the state, who chanced upon the caption, was having none of it. Pratima Dutta of STV Haryana News thought of a compellingly creative way to register protest—she read the June 19 news wearing a veil. Now, most viewers of STV Haryana News are well aware of where the caption went wrong.

O, Cruel...

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