03 August, 2021

The Stone Goddess

The regal Nanda Devi aglow in the prismata of a sunset. Perfection.

Pavel Chakraborty
The Stone Goddess

The Trekking Route:

  • Day 1: Lata village to Kanook camp (6 km)
  • Day 2: Kanook to Lata Kharak (6 km)
  • Day 3: Acclimatisation at Lata Kharak with walks to the ridgetop at Saini Kharak.
  • Day 4: Lata Kharak to Dharansi (13 km)
  • Day 5: Dharansi to Kadi Chaun jungle camp (13 km)
  • Day 6: Kadi Chaun to Tolma (5 km). From Tolma, it’s a 3 km-walk to Suraithota.

Note: It’s also rewarding to walk to Saini Kharak and then either retracing the path back to Lata or through some beautiful jungle to Tolma. Rishikesh is a day’s bus or taxi ride to Joshimath. The roadhead at Lata village is 30 km from Joshimath.

For more info: mountainshepherds.com


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