21 June, 2021

The State Can Only Be A Goliath

A myopic Indian state has irrevocably forfeited Kashmiris’ trust. Like in Palestine, they’ll now wage a decentralised, azadi-driven struggle.

Voice Of The Common People
Protesters throw stones at a police vehicle in Srinagar
Photograph by PTI
The State Can Only Be A Goliath

The current crisis in Kashmir is similar to the situation in Palestine. In both places, teenagers have been throwing stones and they are the ones who are mostly getting killed. In both places, the army and the ruling regime is saying that the kids are a front for terrorists and other enemies of the state. And the long-term eff­ects in both countries are likely to be the same.

In Kashmir, an entire generation of thinkers, scholars, political activists, including those who think that terrorism has done more harm than good to Kashmir, have been moved and deeply saddened by the cruelty and the surplus violence that our politicians and army have pro­­duced. Even the central leadership seems embarra­ssed; they know that it has been a case of overkill but cannot say so openly. I am pretty sure that there are many in India who are unable to express their bitterness publicly, as the dissenting scholars in Israel are doing, though the world press is having a field day, comparing India with Israel. Reportedly, the pellet bul­lets that have blinded more than fifty...

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