28 October, 2020

The Stability Hardsell

It’s back to the Pachmarhi route as the party rules out the prospect of coalition—for now

The Stability Hardsell

The post-monsoon mood of the electorate, the Congress fondly believes, will be benign. Summer snafus forgotten and hasty decisions taken in the heat of the moment forgiven, voters will be ripe for wooing with the Congress’ decade-old mantra of stable government.

After having the rug pulled from under its feet by a regional ally, the party has reverted to the stand it took at Pachmarhi, virtually rejecting the idea of a coalition. As senior party leader Sharad Pawar observed, "Coalitions haven’t been successful in this country. The mood in the party isn’t in favour of any national alliances."

The Congress strategy is to (a) project the bjp government as having fallen of its own accord, thus proving that coalitions are unstable; (b) underline the contrast between a united Congress and the bjp khichdi and (c) ask for a clear mandate, putting off "adjustments" with allies till the last minute.

It was precisely because it didn’t want to experiment with a bjp-like arrangement that the party rejected the idea of a Congress-led...



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