23 June, 2021

The Sovereign's Astute Resolve

Iraq's acquiescence to the UN demand of destroying al-Samoud missiles may de-fang the US-led hawks in the Security Council

The Sovereign's Astute Resolve
The normally bustling streets of Baghdad briefly took on a new, more ominous look late last week when thousands of soldiers, members of Iraq's police force and ruling Baath party members fanned out into the city, displaying guns and artillery, watching the traffic roar by and chatting among themselves. It was the first military exercise in the city from the time the US began its build-up in the neighbourhood, aimed at preparing security forces for the day war finally descends on Baghdad.

"This is scary," said a young man standing at a street corner. "The military exercise makes the war more real. It makes me think and worry." Even more alarming for the Iraqis was an order President Saddam Hussein issued to his governors last Wednesday, asking all Iraqi citizens to dig trenches in their gardens in preparation for war.

What Baghdadis didn't know was that their government had already, after weeks of defiance and conflicting signals, taken the crucial decision of destroying its stock of al-Samoud II ballistic missiles. But this wasn't announced in Baghdad; it was a UN...

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