06 August, 2021

The Sked

NSD's Summer Theatre Festival, an art exhibition called Fictive in Calcutta and the seventh edition of Bandish in Mumbai.

The Sked

Delhi Theatre
Pillars Of Home, Pillars Of Peace

National School of Drama, one of the top theatre schools in the world, is hosting its Summer Theatre Festival. The event kickstarts with the play Tajmahal ka Tender, directed by Chittaranjan Tripathy. Bursting with humour, the play explores the possibility of Shah Jahan coming alive and giving orders to construct a Taj Mahal in today’s era. The bureaucracy, and its infamous red-tapism, comes into its own and takes the emperor for a roller-coaster ride. Then there is Aadha Chand, directed by Tripurari Sharma. Narrating the story of two friends and their friendship, the play is about how love and betrayal shapes them as they grow up. It is followed by Vidyottama, direc­ted by Mohan Maharishi. A fictional play on the wife of Kalidas, it est­ablishes the rights of a woman in the house and in marriage. Ghazab Teri Adaa,...

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