13 June, 2021

‘The SIT Isn’t Functioning Properly’

The IPS officer answers questions for the first time since filing his explosive affidavit in the Supreme Court

Dinesh Parab
‘The SIT Isn’t Functioning Properly’

Sanjiv Bhatt, 47, a geotechnical engineer from IIT and an IPS officer, has stuck to his daily schedule since filing the explosive affidavit in the Supreme Court. Here, for the first time, he takes questions about the February 27, 2002, midnight meeting called by Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi the day before the riots started. Excerpts:

What do you recall of the events on the night of February 27, ’02?

I had just come home when I got a call saying the DGP (K. Chakravarthi) wanted me to accompany him to this meeting with the CM, along with information of events on February 27 and deployment details for 28th and 29th. My boss, additional DG (intelligence), was on leave. I called my office, asked someone to be ready with all files at Police Bhawan; I was to pick up the files on my way to the meeting. When my car pulled into Police Bhawan, I saw the DGP on the steps preparing to leave; he asked me to get into his car which I...

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