03 August, 2021

The Shrink Is In

Distress and depression are no longer being shelved away as growing-up pain, teenage trauma, midlife crisis or aging anguish. It's now about attaining Mental Wellbeing. Enter the Shrink, who's increasingly helping urban India get there.

Madhu Kapparath
The Shrink Is In
It was when she had nothing to say to anybody that she knew it was time to talk about it. So, Udita Joshi, 41—daughter, wife, daughter-in-law, mother and partner at a Delhi event management firm—fixed herself an appointment with a therapist. Five months since, Udita's been taking Rs-500-an-hour-long sessions every week, and finds herself telling her therapist more than she's ever told herself. Speaking out not just about her disconnect with others, of bonds feeling like bondages, the monotony that underpins all her life's changes. But also of grudges, grievances, guilt, stunted ambitions, stresses and sexual frustrations she had never recognised, let alone articulated: "I didn't know so much is bottled up in me, the sessions have helped me uncork. Turns out that the one person I haven't really been listening to has been inside me..."

Urban Indians are opening up to looking within. To know their mind, understand its unmet needs, heal its scars and harness its strengths. Find inner balance, and stability in relationships, in today's world that's continually tumbling over...

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