03 August, 2021

The Sensors Know Best

Biosensors, the next hot R&D item, will revolutionise healthcare in India

The Sensors Know Best
Understanding the customer's perspective and solutions based on human insight are key aspects that have to be considered while delivering services. And healthcare is no exception. The Indian government has taken on the challenge of putting together a healthcare system that will deliver high quality essential care to all. But the growing pressure on health services and inadequate government investment have made the task difficult. Given the lack of infrastructure to support investment in expensive equipment for disease diagnosis, the healthcare sector in India has little option but to embrace leapfrogging technologies for large-scale deployment of quality healthcare at affordable cost.

To put things in perspective: India has only 1.1 beds per 1,000 people. This is a pretty low ratio compared to many other Asian countries like China and South Korea, which have four times as many beds per 1,000 people. There is, therefore, a huge pressure on the available beds in a hospital. In this scenario, early and effective diagnosis of diseases can...

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