21 June, 2021

The Selfie-Starters

Armed with a good idea and raw talent, the youth are striking out on their own

Illustration by Saahil
The Selfie-Starters

Sumit Dutta Chowdhury is one hellava passionate evangelist. Last year, the 45-year-old entrepreneur with a PhD from Carnegie Mellon and a brilliant track record in industry wrote a book Rules of the Game aimed at helping college grads plan their professional careers better. And for his book launch, Chowdhury chose to hit the ground running, engaging with nearly 8,000 students across several colleges across the country. Everywhere he went, as part of his talk, he’d ask his young audience one simple question: how many of them wanted to start their own enterprise?

If you asked the same question ten years ago, the answer would most certainly have been in low single digits. To Chowdhury’s surprise, as many as 60 per cent of the audience said they wanted to take the plunge into entrepreneurship, and 40 per cent of those immediately after graduation.

It isn’t a freak occurrence. Across college campuses, a generational change is starting to play out. It is palpable. It is real. And you don’t need dry statistics to sense it. It is almost as if a dam...

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