19 October, 2020

The Secret Road To Riches

Across time and space, these are the three eternal laws of making money

The Secret Road To Riches
8633 BC. Bhima and Baka, two friends in central India, are cowherds. They capture, domesticate and breed cattle. Both started out with one cow and one bull each. Today, in 8618 BC, Bhima has multiplied his cattle to a healthy 57 cows and four bulls. He delivers milk to some of the other members of his 1,078-strong community in exchange for grain, chicken and some services. Occasionally, he even exchanges some cows for land. In the rarest of rare cases, he trades a healthy bull. Baka, on the other hand, has just three cows. He had to exchange his sole bull when debts piled up and uses the services of Bhima's bull for breeding them.

644 BC. Herodo and Dotus, two friends living in Asia Minor, are traders. While Herodo trades in fish and spices by financing ships that sail across the seas, Dotus operates on the cutting edge of technology by producing the popular currency electrum (a naturally occurring amalgam of gold and silver) coins. Dotus notes that an increasing number of coins he's melting...


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