28 November, 2020

The Scapegoat Hunt

While NDA allies tactically distance themselves from the government, the Sangh is shocked

The Scapegoat Hunt
The day he was forced to quit as president of the bjp, Bangaru Laxman spent an evening of leisure. He went off to Delhi’s Sriram Centre auditorium to watch an Urdu play. Written and directed by D.P. Sinha, the convenor of the bjp’s cultural cell and chief administrator of the party headquarters at Delhi’s Ashoka Road, the historical drama Sidiyan (The Steps) tells the story of the ancient city’s most decadent emperor, the colourful but weak Mohammad Shah Rangeela. On the day that his long political career came to a shameful end, the former bjp president sat through the entire two-and-a-half hours of the play. It was a theme that held Laxman in rapt attention. As Sinha himself puts it, the historical saga has a strong contemporary message—"It vividly represents the decadence of the times"

Particularly embarrasing for the bjp is the fact that it is the highest office in the land which continues to be mired in controversy. Even before the Tehelka furore, the Outlook exposé Rigging the pmo, on business houses manipulating the prime minister’s office, had become a...


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