05 August, 2021

"The Sari Will Survive"

Ritu Kumar spent almost two decades researching this book. Here she speaks to Archana Jahagirdar about India's rich textile traditions

"The Sari Will Survive"

We now seem to follow only Western fashions.What does this bode for the evolution of design in this country?

India’s never followed one fashion except in this century where the media’s played a part in it. In the past, despite successive invasions, we absorbed a lot, yet retained our originality. Currently, we’re in an evolutionary stage vis- a- vis modern design, but we have a rich heritage. We just have to give it the right direction.

Royalty apart, who were the other patrons of textiles?

The temples. Also, the export of textiles helped develop many new styles. For instance, the patolas were made particularly for the Indonesian market, the Dhakai malmal for Persia, the kalamkari for the Mughal and the Vijayanagar courts, as well as for export.

How did Indian design evolve?

There were many different schools; each school had a different idiom. For instance, the way the ambi developed in Kashmir is very ...

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