29 September, 2020

The Salvation Slide

The Osho commune, nay Meditation Resort is beset with fraud charges

Fotocorp (From Outlook 15 October 2012)
The Salvation Slide

Osh Begosh...

  • Osho trustees, Swami Jayesh and co, accused of transferring ashram funds to their own outfit
  • Ashram land ‘gifted’ to little known ‘Darshan Trust’ in Delhi 
  • Commune renamed as Osho International Meditation Resort,
  • Entry fees hiked, fewer visitors, “90% of programmes” shut down
  • Crass commercialisation on, traditional celebrations stopped, fears that ashram will shut down


Trouble has been brewing in this Pune paradise ever since Osho, aka Bhagwan Rajneesh, left his body—as his devotees like to put it—about two decades ago. However, of late the split in the ranks has become unbridgeable, battlelines clearly drawn and court cases getting more bitter and complicated by the day. In the eye of the long-blowing storm are the three foreigner administrators or trustees—Swami Jayesh (Michael O’Byrne) and Swami Yogendra (Darcy O’Byrne) from Canada and Swami Amrito...



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