25 January, 2021

The Robot Corporation

Far from spawning mere skilled professionals, education must give us wise, sensitive citizens. Only then will democracy become valid.

The Robot Corporation
A while back, the US House of Representatives passed a resolution praising the Indian Institutes of Technology for the manifold ways in which their graduates "advance and enrich American society". So great is the success of the IITs today that their graduates are seen as prize catches all over the world, a world dominated by the profit motive. Despite this evidence of a brain drain, the IITs have surely contributed, above all, to "advance and enrich" India. The greater prosperity they have brought to many, if by no means all, of India's citizens, is surely to be applauded.

What does the ascendancy of the IITs mean, however, for democracy in India? Given that economic growth is so eagerly sought, too few questions have been posed about the direction of Indian education, and, with it, of Indian society. With the rush to profitability in the global market, something precious is in danger of being lost: the human individual, on whose capacity for critical and imaginative freedom the very survival of democracy in India depends.

How, then,...


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