28 July, 2021

The Road Not Taken

The road ahead for Pakistan is a forked one

The Road Not Taken

THE Pokhran tests have established India’s nuclear capabilities. This has provoked Western and Pakistani commentators to scream that New Delhi has acted with reckless abandon, that its nuclear tests are dangerous and foolish because they are bound to heighten security concerns in Asia and precipitate a military arms race which no country can afford. But the Indian perspective is quite different. New Delhi says it was forced to gatecrash the nuclear club because its pleas for effective and equitable global disarmament were blithely ignored by Washington. However, India now appears ready to sign the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) provided it is granted the same nuclear status as the "club of five". Indeed, Indian strategic analysts argue that the world would be no less safe with the entry of India, Pakistan and Israel into the nuclear club than it is with the historically most "war-prone gang of five".

There is a problem with this thesis. It appears to open the route to nuclear proliferation by countries which...

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