22 April, 2021

The Right Kind

RSS-affiliated organs also receive foreign funds. But they are seen as benign, not threatening the state.

Getty Images (From Outlook 30 June 2014)
The Right Kind

The Foreign Hand?

  • 22,702 of the estimated 20 lakh NGOs filed returns on funding in 2011-12
  • 13,291 NGOs received foreign funds; 9,509 reported receiving no foreign contribution
  • Rs 11,546.29 crore is the quantum of foreign funds received by NGOs in India
  • Rs 7,000 crore received by NGOs in five states: Delhi, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka
  • Rs 233.38 crore, the highest amount received, by World Vision of India, Chennai
  • Rs 99.20 crore was the highest donation, from Compassion International, USA
  • Rs 418.37 crore was the donation from the Netherlands
  • 148 NGOs received foreign funds in excess of Rs 10 crore
  • 178 NGOs received funds between Rs 5-10 crore; 1,702 between Rs 1-5 crore
  • 39.73% was the highest year-on-year jump in foreign contribution...
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