03 August, 2021

The Rich vs The Wealthy

With booming markets and FII flows, the Indian buyer will have to make his space

Madhu Kapparath
The Rich vs The Wealthy
In the early 1990s, the only way to be optimistic about the Indian economy would have been to turn the charts upside down. The most confident answer one could have given to a question about India's balance-sheet would have been "Don't worry. The liabilities are solid". India has come a long way since then with successive governments pursuing an economic liberalisation that's increasingly, though slowly, covering wider segments of the economy.

Although these governments have paid lip service to the markets, it is only in recent years and months that the real value and signalling that the stockmarket can do is being appreciated and better understood. Capital markets not only allocate scarce capital efficiently but a healthy capital market also acts as an advertisement for the vibrancy and growth opportunities available in the economy and helps in attracting further interest and investment capital for the country.

India is now attracting record interest from foreign institutional investors and the various indices are ruling at all-time highs. India has caught the...

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