02 March, 2021

The Revolution, Podcast

The Net helps mobilise opinion fast. But is it just your type, just the already converted?

The Revolution, Podcast
  • This year let us send the Sri Rama Sene some love. Let us send them some PINK CHADDIS. Look in your closet or buy them cheap...Make sure they are PINK. Send them off...
  • Observe January 30 as cellular silence day. Switch off your phones for a day…protest India Inc’s endorsement of Narendra Modi as...
  • In the absence of responsible self-censorship, the electronic media must be given a set of new guidelines to stick to in times of national crisis… Sign this petition if you agree.
  • WE DEMAND the urgent revision of the AEP (Adolescent Education Programme) curriculum on sex education…


Revolution has a new address—cyberspace. The past few months have seen a spate of online crusades and campaigns which have proved effective tools of mass protest and debate, quickly mobilising people from all corners of the country. It's all a very far cry from the pre-Internet era, when you had to take to the streets, sweaty and footsore, to make your collective voice heard, or tramp door-to-door...

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