24 July, 2021

The Return Of The Accord

Honda’s brilliant Hybrid avatar is a bit slower than expected, with a squeaky voice

The Return Of The Accord

In 2013, somebody went on a long vac­ation. He was a bit heavy and a petrol addict. Three years later, he has come back, thoroughly ref­reshed, cured of the addiction and leaner than ever. We are talking about the all-new ninth generation (third in India) Accord in its Hybrid avatar—which Honda calls the “ultimate Acc­ord”. It is the most fuel-effic­i­ent hybrid model in its class—repl­acing the petrol guzzling V6 beast of an engine.

Look at it, the new hybrid has trimmed a few millimetres off its length, width and height to help it bolt, when push comes to shove on the accelerator. No point in going gaga over the looks because ­either you like it or not (confession: the writer is head over wheels over the new look). As for the specs of this evolved machine, there can’t be two opinions about what lies under that hood.

The engineers at Honda have junked the traditional transmission contraptions like belts and pulleys from the ­engine. It means reduced friction. So what is turning the wheels, some kind of...

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