28 January, 2021

The Receding Tide

Kerala's Marxists can't stymie debate anymore, it will hurt them

The Receding Tide
The Communist Party of India (Marxist) is undergoing a profound transformation that confers on it the new character of a right-wing capitalist party drawing support from extreme, fundamentalist communal groups in the power struggle. The men at the top have already switched over to the bourgeois lifestyle with posh cars, palatial resorts, residences and offices. With their government in office, they have been corrupting the administrative machinery to suit their own selfish ends, using the police to suppress political opponents and even challenging the due process of justice. Now the question is: how far will the party’s traditional followers—the working class, peasantry and middle classes—appreciate this change? Will they take it as proof of their success and cheer the leadership as before? Or will they interpret it as a betrayal of the sacred trust bequeathed to them by history? They have all along been conditioned to follow the leaders like dumb cattle. However, the impact of modern democratic processes riddled with television, newspapers,...


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