28 July, 2021

The Real Turbanator

Deep Singh, Sikh superhero, takes on the Taliban and ignoramuses

The Real Turbanator

First, a word of thanks: the newest superhero on the block doesn’t wear tights or his underpants on the outside. Super Sikh Deep Singh is cool in his aviator glasses and hipster clothes—a trim black jacket over narrow pants nicely hiding the ‘kachcha’, which we assume he wears as a practitioner of the faith. His ‘pag’ is just so, the beard not unruly but ‘fixed’ with Simco. Style is a message here.

Second, the surprise. Deep Singh doesn’t possess supernatural powers to weave nets between Manhattan buildings or a souped-up motor to vroom in and out of trouble spots. He uses his training, education and intuition to figure out stuff. No mutating genes or drinking charged up liquids as a child.

Mr Singh is grounded in reality and the universal values of his faith. He loves music—Elvis is an abiding pass­ion alth­ough we hope he’ll embrace Indie rock in time. He’s part of an elite mul­ti­n­atio­nal force—UN-approved and Int­e­­­r­­pol...

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