31 October, 2020

The Rape Of Justice

A Dalit community justifies the right to 'protect its honour' by raping an 'adulterous' woman

The Rape Of Justice

A fortnight after the barbaric gang rape of one of their women, the Dalits of Lahbouli village in Hardwar district stand by the audacious verdict of their biradari (community)—"Women who bring shame upon the community deserve to be shamed". A perverted sense of justice which saw the Dalit community consent to 11 men raping a 26-year-old married woman for eloping with a Muslim man.

A crowd of about 60-odd Dalit men allegedly stood outside the victim's small mud hut on the fateful night of July 13, while the community's 11 self-styled dispensers of justice mercilessly tortured and raped her. The brash woman, they reckoned, deserved the revolting 'punishment' for leaving her family and running away to Punjab with a Muslim youth to return home pregnant after about four months.

 "One by one they dishonoured me. Then, with hardly any clothes on my body, they dragged me out to the courtyard and hung me by my hands to the neem tree. 'Let this be a lesson for women whose bodies demand so much from men of other castes...



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