14 June, 2021

The Radio Signal Gets Louder

Was the Mayapuri radiation incident deliberate? Even if not, monitoring systems are vague now.

The Radio Signal Gets Louder

Was the radioactive material found in a junk market in Delhi accidental or a deliberate plant? With a second round of combing operations yielding more Cobalt-60, a low radioactive source, experts are worried not just because of any further possible contamination but because India is on the radar of terrorists. “Now that something like this has happened, there is heightened alertness. The priority now is to trace the source to avoid a repeat incident,” admits J.P. Yadav, commandant of the Eighth Battalion of the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF), which will handle security during the Commonwealth Games.

After the Mumbai terrorist attack, the NDRF has stationed battalions in eight cities including Greater Noida near Delhi. Four NDRF battalions including the Eighth have been trained to tackle a possible biological, chemical, nuclear or radioactive emergency.  This is not the first time that radioactive contamination during recycling of imported metal scrap or used hospital machinery procured locally has been detected....

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