27 February, 2021

The Quest For Potter Luck

The 15-25-year age group is a rich lode, but it can prove difficult to strike

The Quest For Potter Luck

Young readers are wont to be fickle. They can make or break an author. Being curious, impatient and impressionable, they are quick to catch the buzz around a book, flock to book launches and meetings with authors. They pre-order books online and turn them into bestsellers even before they hit the brick-and-mortar stores. But they are equally likely to switch camp when the next big thing comes along. And the writer they crowded at readings and sought advice from for everything under the sun could be forgotten with the arrival of a new star.

Most of these new readers, it would seem, see books not as leisure buddies but as love bibles and vehicles of life lessons. And authors have become their New Age idols. Ravinder Singh, 32, is one of the recent writing successes who has managed to keep a consistent following: his fan club belongs in the 13-25-year age group....

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