02 August, 2021

The Power Of Potential

India must spawn its own intellectual goods

The Power Of Potential

Potential is a fundamentally important principle at Microsoft. As a company, our mission centres on the intersection of technology and potential: we believe that technology is a powerful catalyst for unleashing the potential of individuals to achieve their dreams, of companies to achieve success, and of nations to reach new levels of economic and social opportunity.

Seen from the perspective of potential, India is truly one of the most exciting places on earth. In the 16 years since Microsoft set up operations in India, I've seen first hand the incredible strides the country has made, building an information technology industry almost from scratch. This industry is an engine that has driven the creation of new opportunities for hundreds of thousands of people and established India as one of the world's most important centres for innovation. Thanks to the combination of rapid economic growth, an emerging middle class, and an impressive record of technical excellence, India stands as one of the great success stories of our time.


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