04 August, 2021

The Post-TV Mock-Epics

Online satires have captured an audience of their own

Satire Stars
Gulshan Grover reinvented
The Post-TV Mock-Epics
  • Innovative: The low-budget nature of mockumentaries demands more innovation­ and improvisation from their creators.
  • Brief: Most of the series have an average running time of 20-25 minutes per episode and wrap up in 10 to 15 episodes.
  • Effective?: YouTube ratings show the huge popularity of mockumentaries, but their market value is yet to be tested.


When Not Fit, the web-based mockumentary ser­ies, aired last October, the man behind it, Sudev Nair, never thought he would be starting a new trend. “My struggle to look for work as an actor made me realise there was too much mediocrity surrounding me,” says Nair. So he thought he would make a mockumentary about the travails of a struggling actor with real situations but exaggerated for comic effect. “This is a new format for the Indian viewers. One sees the classic portrayal of breaking of the fourth wall by characters in mockumentaries,” says...

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