26 September, 2020

The Point Of Incision

Prosecuting Nandy for what he said is patently wrong. to not challenge him would be folly too.

The Point Of Incision

The motto of the Dalit Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DICCI) is ‘Be Job Givers, Instead of Job Seekers’. Its agenda is to “create new role models of job-givers and to contribute even more in nation-building”. What would the members of this nascent body have to say about Ashis Nandy’s gratuitous comments, which virtually excuses bribery among the SC/STs and OBCs as a way of levelling the playing field in India?

My guess is they would find them extremely offensive. Not merely because they suggest corruption is a good way to advance one’s station, but also since they imply corruption is what has entrenched upper-caste hegemony. Which is why, he says, the corruption of the Madhusudan Kodas and A. Rajas is welcome, because it equalises the situation. Nandy says he was being ironic and that his remarks were not anti-Dalit, but actually in their favour. He may think so, but their import is excessively cynical.

The reactions of the Rajasthan government and Minorities Commission chairman P.L. Punia are absurd in the extreme....



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