15 June, 2021

The Pinch Hitter

Can Priyanka’s late burst of belligerence revive a spent Congress?

India News Network
The Pinch Hitter
Priyanka In?   Priyanka Out?

  • As Congress waffles over nomination of a candidate against Narendra Modi in Varanasi, the media floats her name. Denial is a qualified non-denial.
  • Rumour fuels perception that Priyanka is ballsier than many long-time Congressmen, who fled the race fearing defeat in the elections
  • Congress spokesman Janardhan Dwivedi states that Indira Gandhi saw shades of herself in granddaughter, hints at a larger role for Priyanka
  • Priyanka breaks the unwritten larger Gandhi clan code; takes on cousin 
    Varun for “betraying the...

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