16 June, 2021

The Pen Points To Us

Journalists who live in glass houses must throw stones at others

Illustration by Sorit
The Pen Points To Us

Proverbs become cliches because they are cited repeatedly for their profound, incontrovertible observations on life. Turn these cliches on their head and you may discover sublime meanings. For Outlook’s 15th birthday, instead of cutting cakes, blowing out candles and printing inane power lists, we decided to tweak a popular cliche and say that journalists who live in glass houses must throw stones at others. Heck, we are journalists, taught to blow against the wind, even live dangerously.

The 15th anniversary issue you hold in your hands does precisely that: it throws stones at the giant media houses, their ambitious owners, their flamboyant editors and wily marketing honchos. We have chosen to defy the norm that dog won’t eat dog because the media is palapably in crisis. What’s worse, the deep gashes are all self-inflicted, by those like us in the media itself.

Of late, you must have heard of our transgressions—media houses taking money to plug for politicians, demanding equity from...

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