28 July, 2021

The Pen, Knifed

An outspoken journalist is silenced in Pakistan. The ISI, the main suspect, protests in discomfiture.

AFP (From Outlook, June 13, 2011)
The Pen, Knifed

Who Killed Shahzad?

  • The ISI may have tortured him to have him divulge sources for a recent story. Allegedly threatened him earlier.
  • Militants may have done the deed, so that the blame falls on the ISI.
  • Or been a victim of personal enmity.


In the shadowy world of Pakistan, journalists can reasonably be sure of living till the morning their bylines appear. From thereon, you don’t know who might take affront to your report, abduct, torture or even slay you. This is the essence of the tragic story of Syed Saleem Shahzad, the 40-year-old bureau chief of the web newspaper Asia Times Online, whose body was found in a canal 150 km away from Islamabad on May 31. Shahzad had been missing from the evening of May 29.

On May 28, the Asia Times Online had posted Shahzad’s story, ‘Al Qaeda had warned of Pakistan strike’, which claimed the terror...

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