30 July, 2021

The Patel Directory, Revisited

The Patidar quota stir may yet spin off in dangerous directions

The Patel Directory, Revisited

Quota Vadis

  • Hardik Patel’s agitation for OBC status to Patels has drifted into violence
  • Other OBC groups and SC/STs are threatening to oppose the Patels, on the streets if necessary
  • Patels, on the contrary, are planning to take the debate national, calling for a rethink on reservation per se
  • The consequences could be dangerous, with groups like Jats and Gujjars already demanding reservations
  • Anandiben has a tough problem on hand, going beyond the forthcoming local self-government elections
  • Nationally, the debate could prove volatile. The situation is fraught with complexities that may spin out of control.


A cartoon in the Indian Express said it all: Amit Shah in caricature, being told that he had promised to make a Gujarat out of Bihar and had instead made a Bihar out of Gujarat. Indeed, an agitation for caste-based reservations by the...

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