13 June, 2021

The Paranoid Dunes

The Arab world is goaded by its enraged peoples to look warily at the future

The Paranoid Dunes
Shocking and awesome. No one but the Americans could have described it more aptly. The attack on Iraq has shocked and awed people worldwide, at times for its intensity, other times for its boldness, at yet other times for what some call its injustice. Baghdad is burning. Flames lick at plumes of smoke heaving up into the night sky. Missiles and shells shower down like rain. The story of millions of Iraqis, hunkered down at home, wondering what they did to deserve yet another war, was reduced to hazy television images incapable of telling the story of their horror.

US and British forces are now inside Iraq. Ground troops are not far from Baghdad. By the time you read this report, they could well be there. They have secured oil wells, destroyed Iraqi missiles launched at Kuwait, and shocked and awed towns like Mosul and Kirkuk. They have demolished parts of Saddam Hussein's many palaces in Baghdad. An entire brigade of the Iraqi army's 51st mechanised infantry division gave up—thousands of them stood with arms raised as US soldiers took them in at gunpoint. Operation Iraqi...

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