27 January, 2021

The Oral Code Of Conduct

Bill Clinton's shifting confessions are belied by graphic details of his sexploits with Lewinsky

The Oral Code Of Conduct

IF Richard Milhous Nixon's ouster from the Oval Office was essentially because of 'Deep Throat', an inside source who leaked sensitive information to the media about the Watergate scandal, William Jefferson Clinton's banishment from the White House might well be because he was deep-throated several times by a starry-eyed intern in an ante-room next to the Oval Office.

Lurid instances of Clinton's kinky sexploits with buxom Monica Lewinsky, the intern, inside the taxpayer-funded White House are still supposed to be well-guarded secrets only known to members of the Grand Jury hearing the 'Zippergate' scandal and a select group of lawyers headed by Judge Ken Starr, who is investigating the case.

But details of sex, semen, silk and sin within the hallowed confines of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, a place of pilgrimage in the nation's capital for American tourists, have begun to ooze out. These details, though, haven't yet become news in American 'mainstream' newsmedia, which are pretty squeamish when it comes to dealing with steamy...



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