28 February, 2021

The One-Eyed Cop

How dubious US decisions made Pakistan a nuclear rogue and a tangled web of combustible forces

The One-Eyed Cop
The worst proliferation scandal in world history, involving the sale of nuclear secrets across frontiers, was in Pakistan—today the main sanctuary of transnational terrorists. This well-researched book is not so much about that nuclear-smuggling ring as about the scandal behind that scandal: "How 30 years of parochial and sometimes criminal policy of the US enabled Pakistan to betray the West, build a vast nuclear arsenal with US aid, and sell the technology to countries hostile to the West, while giving shelter to the resurgent Taliban and Al Qaeda".

But what is left unsaid is that the brunt of politically expedient US policies toward Pakistan has been borne not by the West but by India, a victim of terrorism which now finds itself on the frontline of nuclear dangers. As the book concludes, the US has yet to learn from its mistakes. With Pakistan sinking rapidly, the US is courting India as a potential ally. But it continues to sell India-directed weapons to Pakistan, making it the world’s largest arms importer. Much of the nearly $11...

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