28 September, 2020

The Nyet Flight To Kabul

Marching forth on another's war would lead India to a minefield

R. Prasad
The Nyet Flight To Kabul
For the last week or more, the buzz in Delhi is that India has been asked to send troops to Afghanistan to help in its pacification. Indian troops, we are told, could take over various duties in the calmer areas of the country and thus release more British and American troops to fight the Taliban in the troubled south and east of the country. What is disturbing about these rumours is the belief that the government is seriously considering the request.

The request has come from the EU, US and possibly Canada. British, American and Canadian troops have borne the brunt of the fighting in the south and are at present engaged in Operation Mountain Thrust, a determined bid to clear the south of Taliban forces and bring it back under Kabul.

Those in favour of sending troops argue that Afghanistan is not as the same as Iraq. The link between the Taliban regime and the 9/11 terrorists was direct and indisputable; the US, they say, did not attack Afghanistan but came to the assistance of the government of the country, a government that had been...


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