03 August, 2021

The Northern Axis

As quid pro quo for its assistance, India is looking at Northern Alliance as a bulwark against Pakistan

The Northern Axis
In a first official admission, Union external affairs minister Jaswant Singh, who also handles the defence portfolio, has said that India's been providing medical assistance to the Northern Alliance. He's less forthcoming about having provided the anti-Taliban forces with arms, ammunition and intelligence support. But a source in the embassy of the Islamic State of Afghanistan in New Delhi confirmed that "we've been getting moral and strategic support as well as arms and ammunition from India". The Taliban too has in the past charged India with "using hirelings in Afghanistan to commit terrorist acts against Afghan men, women and children."

India hasn't exactly wanted to advertise its cooperation with the Northern Alliance to avert accusations of interfering in a foreign country. Now, for the record, Northern Alliance's charge d'affairs here, S.S. Ahmedi, confirmed the humanitarian support. "India has been providing food supplies and medicines. But we want to buy arms and ammunition. If any country helps us, we'll welcome that. Like we are buying weapons from Russia." The...

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